You have a store, a food truck and you want to distribute stickers to your customers?

Impress your customers by printing your stickers at StickerYeti. Their quality is as unique as you are.


Bright colours and Swiss quality

Be prepared to get a "WOW" from your customers. Made in Switzerland, we use the best materials to make our stickers durable and resistant to all conditions. Sun, rain, snow, nothing scares StickerYeti's stickers.

Powerful Admin

Production in 4 days

We know that. It's always for yesterday:) Because of the customer, of course! So the Yeti works fast and hard to print your stickers in less than 4 working days. We send you your beautiful custom-made stickers by the Swiss post.

Retina Ready

File already ready or builder online

You're the boss! Send us a ready-made file (see our templates) or build your standard stickers online in 2 min.


Durable, durable, durable. And cool.

Our custom stickers are strong and resistant to all challenges. Want to bet? They even stick to cars.

Are you ready to order custom stickers?